* Workshop will be in parallel on the 2nd day

09:00 Registration and Morning Break
09:55 Opening Speech
10:00 Keynote Speaker - "Ideation and consumer relevance"
10:20 The Real-Time Way of Digital Brand Advertising

Digital advertising faces a dramatic change: As data-driven technology and real-time advertising platforms are on the rise, we experience a completely new level of efficiency in digital media. Although the market for “programmatic branding” is still in its infancy, there are already first practical examples to show what happens, when real-time audience technology meets efficient automated media buying. By using nugg.ad’s unique audience targeting & brand measurement technology, the advertiser bwin was able to significantly increase the brand awareness of its XPoker tour in France.

10:45 Engaging the Consumer in the Digital World through Social Media

Social media has opened the doors to a whole new level of freedom of speech, with the customer now leading the conversation.

KFC first engaged with Facebook in 2009, immersing ourselves fully in mid-2011 by driving traffic to our page through advertising and competitions. The strategy was a huge success and we reached the milestone figure of one million Facebook fans by June 2012. March 2013 saw us joining Twitter and today, we boast 2.5 Million KFC Facebook fans and 175,000 Twitter followers across the Middle East.

The secret of our success lay in integrating digital and traditional marketing activities, rather than treating social media as a separate entity. Leveraging on every sponsorship, every partnership, every event we were a part of, KFC simply boomed on social media. Had we not adopted this level of integration, our journey may have been good, but it wouldn't have been great.

11:05 Coffee Break
11:30 Panel: Real-Time Marketing and Engagement Through Social Media

Although social media can be a great tool for driving audiences and marketing reach, however, it can also be a great risk for unplanned problems and negative sentiment. This panel will discuss the issues, challenges, and benefits of real-time marketing ways for leveraging social media.

12:15 Arabia: Digitized

The most updated figures and numbers  about digital media & its consumption in the Arab region

12:35 DMS Update - The Way Forward: Staging a difference in Digital
12:50 Lunch Break
13:45 How to Adapt to Rapid Innovations

Although agencies pride themselves on their ability to offer advertisers an integrated offering, the line between media, communications, creativity and technology has become completely blurred - by 2017, Gartner has predicted that the Chief Marketing Officer will be spending more on IT that the Chief Information Officer. With this change, the need to adapt or perish has never been stronger. We will discuss how agencies and brands can use new trends, data and insights to differentiate their offering and create memorable and successful brand engagements.

14:05 Interview
14:25 Becoming Digital Assyrians

"Engagement and Reach" these two words have become the stock phrases in the digital era, its about time that we take a step back and observe why do we feel a decline today and why customers are not excited anymore as they once were. Its time that we ask ourselves "how". In this short journey we will take a step back and observe our transformation from rock carvings to digital carvings and how can we mature and nourish digital medium for the future, creating shareable & snackable experiences.

14:45 Global and Regional Radio Consumption habits and how the radio industry is evolving in a multi-platform environment
15:05 How to Integrate Different Digital Media Platforms

The case study will be titled Intergalactic and will look at taking an Art exhibition adding Augmented Reality, Social Sharing/Social Media & Gamification to increase brand awareness and advocacy of the art to potential consumer – This project is a first in the Middle East also.

09:00 Registration and Morning Break
10:00 How Integrated Campaigns are Bigger than the Sum of their Parts

Chantal will use case studies from the UK to show how fully integrated content campaigns are becoming more and more valuable. All content campaigns rely heavily on digital media which offer the ability for brands to react quickly to consumers' interests and demands. Campaigns that have many moving parts are complex to handle and can be daunting for brands but if well planned with an ability to react to changes along the way they are immensely powerful. Case studies will be from work conducted by MEC for EE, the multinational telco, Visa, Henkel/Schwarzkopf and the Morrisons supermarket chain.

10:25 Conversation with Ali Jaber
10:45 How the Power of Social Media has Turned Residents into Tourists

The topic dives into how social media has evolved to becoming a tool for awareness to a tool for making decisions. Aida will also look into the changing face of content represented to the end user.

11:00 Coffee Break
11:25 Interview
11:45 Panel: Second Screen and Social Innovations

How does the second screen affect TV programs. With the introduction of smart media devices, audiences can research, comment and interact during TV shows at a scale and ease we could only have imagined a few years ago. How can this attention and technology be exploited to help TV channels?

12:30 Interview
12:50 Lunch Break
13:45 Real Time Marketing - How to make it work for your Brand

Twitter has changed how we communicate and consume information. It's live, public, and conversational, capturing the world's events in real-time. Parminder (Parry) Singh, Managing Director for SEA, India & MENA will outline how brands can set themselves up to respond effectively to current events and make the most of marketing in the moment.

14:20 Audience Targeting:The Power of Audience Data in Digital Marketing

Digital media is entering the era of audience targeting, ushering in a new data-centric approach to reaching the right person with the right message at the right time anywhere across the web. In his session, Tariq will explain the importance of audience data and how it can be used by advertisers and publishers to maximise the value of every impression. The case study will focus on what audience data is, how to obtain it and how to leverage it to dramatically improve the performance of digital marketing.

14:40 Interview
14:55 Coffee Break
15:20 How to Offer Integrated Entertainment Experience

Social Media has become a “must" channel for brands and companies to communicate and engage customers. But are we doing well on this platforms? Mostly all the companies focus on selling in the same way as in traditional channels, doing advertising as it was done before. The new paradigms of advertising and marketing are focus on entertainment experiences, so that’s why we should move on from advertising, to advertainment. A new way of generate sales by creating entertainment and engagement with branded content. Are you ready to entertain your audience?

15:40 MBC Digital - Reaching, Engaging and Activating
16:00 How Social Media Marketing can Impact your Bottom Line

Focus your efforts on the right platform before you dive in: 
1) know what to expect and not to expect with Social Media marketing
2) have measurement tools and all necessary tracking in place